Google Adwords PPC

Best PPC Agency India, Google Adwords Agency India, No#1 Google PPC Company IndiaAs a Google AdWords Premier SME Partner, AdOne Network Pvt. Ltd.:

Meets higher levels of qualification, training and customer support than any other AdWords partner programs
Has an added endorsement of quality, reliability and high-level expertise in the small- and medium-sized business market
Receives the highest level of support from Google, including extensive Google product and account management training and direct access to the latest Google beta technology and products
Provides end-to-end customer service, guidance and support to take the guesswork out of campaign development so you can focus on running your business.

Best PPC Agency India, Google Adwords Agency India, No#1 Google PPC Company India

Features of Google Adwords:-

Report on multiple profiles or AdWords accounts at the same time
Query the aggregation of different profiles or AdWords accounts
Use your own custom calculated metrics based on Analytics / AdWords metrics
Combine offline data sources and Google data in your reports
Define and schedule bulk downloads in Excel or plain text file formats
Use unlimited number of segments or filters, reports, scheduled emails, etc.
Create white-labeled dashboards and custom reports
Create and use email templates with your own sender and reply to email addresses
Send multiple reports in just one single pdf file
Upload cost data for non-Google paid campaigns
Localize your custom reports to multiple languages

Best PPC Agency India, Google Adwords Agency India, No#1 Google PPC Company IndiaAdWords PPC Integration With AdOne Network Pvt. Ltd.

Rather than replace AdWords, AdOne Network Pvt. Ltd. works with your AdWords account to give you the functionality you need in the most streamlined way. With AdOne Network Pvt. Ltd., you can put the work you’ve done in AdWords to work automatically and save you time otherwise wasted on manual, multi-step processes. This is the key to successful AdWords campaign management.

For example, when using the Google AdWords keyword discovery tool, normally you would have to review your pay-per click keyword list manually, export the keywords you want to a spreadsheet, review the data, and then decide how you want to proceed. You’ve already taken four steps, and you don’t even have your keywords organized yet. With AdOne Network Pvt. Ltd., you can import lists of keywords from Google’s keyword tool with one click.

Once you’ve uploaded your list of keywords, AdOne Network Pvt. Ltd. will offer you suggestions for keyword groups  (which you can turn into high-performing ad groups) to help you build powerful text ads and to keep your PPC search campaign organized.


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