What is Google Penalty Recovery Service?

Is your website losing out ranking in Google Search Engine Result Pages? Is there a noticeable decrease in the traffic to your website? If the answer is Yes, Google updates have either got you down or you are stuck with a penalty!

With Google changing its algorithm so often, millions of websites have seen a slip in their Google rankings. Panda & Penguin updates have badly impacted the rankings of, once standing high websites. How do You Know you Have Been Penalized?

  • Drop in organic ranking for target keywords or for your brand terms/keywords
  • Decease in organic search traffic or leads
  • Unable to find your website on Google “site: http://www.yoursite.com”
  • You have received an unnatural links warning message in Google Webmaster Tools

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If your website has dived in the search results or disappeared completely, we can help you.

No matter what the website penalty is, we have helped hundreds just like you who have now become life time friends because of our results. We research the issue, tailor a plan to correct it and execute what is needed to be done to achieve your desired outcome.

Steps towards Google Recovery Services

  • Checking complete website design & codes.
  • SEO & negative SEO check.
  • Google Search check

Google Manual Penalty

We can help you with figuring out if you are being penalized by checking everything manually. This means that we would need to go over the entire website with a fine toothed comb and ensure that the content is of the highest order. We would also have to check all of the links to make sure they are all organic and good links. We can do this work for you, so simply let us look at your website and we can point out where the problems are and what needs to be fixed.

Google Algorithmic Penalty

In order to figure out why you are being penalized by Google we need to look at a few things. There are some filters that are used by the search engine that can automatically determine if the website is violating their guidelines. However, we can help you to figure out if you are suffering from this and we can use some of the tools that are available. These include Google Panda and Penguin that can help us to figure out which areas are causing problems so that we can fix them.

Bad Links Removal

If you have links that are on your website that aren’t natural or that aren’t organic, then we can help you to get rid of those. We simply need to figure out which ones are dragging your site down and take them off of your site. We can also work with other site owners to get them taken down from their site, which should be personalized and polite. This can be a time consuming job, so let us take care of this for you while you worry about other areas of your business.

Upload Bad Backlinks Disavow

If for some reason we can’t get the bad links removed from your site or those that are linked to your site, then we would need to have a disavow undertaken. We would need to do this through the tools in the search engines and go to the disavow links, or we can upload a text file. This would tell Google which sites they should be ignoring when they do the searches. This can be a complicated and time consuming process, so why not let us do what we do and take care of it for you.